Saturday, February 20, 2010

Edwyn Collins Black Session November 1994

Another request via the Rip It Up mailing list

This is Edwyn on French radio in 1994 promoting the Gorgeous George. I saw him on this tour and the band were on top form.


01 North Of Heaven
02 Subsidence
03 Low Expectations
04 In A Broken Dream
05 The Campaign For Real Rock
06 Make Me Feel Again
07 Out Of This World
08 Gorgeous George
09 Bridge
10 A Girl Like You
11 Don't Shilly Shally

The first 4 tracks are Edwyn solo and then the band join him for the remainder, including a storming version of Orange Juice's "Bridge"

The original version I had seemed like the tape was running slow, so I've pitch-corrected it and it sounds much better now.



famvede said...

Hello there,

I posted the request for this and thanks a lot for sharing this. Now just downloading, will listen immediately after it!

SeeYa, famvede

Unknown said...

many thanks for this piece of treasure.

NoRecords Records said...

peut-être cela vous interessera-t-il :

à bientôt