Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reggae Christmas

Quick song for christmas. If this doesn't get you feeling festive then NOTHING will.

Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas A Come

Particularly like the lyrics around the 40-50 second mark

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I, Ludicrous Peel Session

Unsurprisingly another Peel Session request fulfillment post..this time for Steve at Teenage Kicks

It's the one and only Peel Session that I, Ludicrous recorded - 21 fun filled years ago..

Since their classic debut flexi release "Preposterous Tales" the band have continued to record albums & gig sporadically, in fact I saw them for the first time supporting The Fall in Sheffield earlier this year and they were, indeed, fabulous

The two highlights of this session for me are "Quite Extraordinary" - the tribute to ex-BBC sports commentator and "A Question Of Sport" host David Coleman (who I have to admit I thought was dead, but apparently not) and "A Pop Fan's Dream (Sunday Lunch With The Geldofs)" wherein the narrator wins a competition to have a meal with Bob Geldof, his lovely wife Paula (Yates - now she IS dead) and their daughter Fifi Trixibelle (Peaches and Pixie weren't even born at this point). A story told with such a perfect level of sincerity that you can't quite tell how serious they are being until the final line delivers the pay-off.

The band had an excellent new EP out this year called "Dirty Washing" which I heartily recommend and you can buy it from their website

I, Ludicrous - Peel Session 1987

Friday, October 31, 2008

Edwyn Collins Radio Session & Interview 1992

Over on the Rip It Up mailing list, the guitar player from The Siddeleys asked for an alternate version of the Orange Juice track "Consolation Prize" from the 1st album.

In quite possibly the the twee-est moment of my life, I'm only too happy to oblige. Here is an Edwyn Collins acoustic session and radio interview from 1992 featuring Consolation Prize, Felicity & My Dying Day (the interview was promoting the Ostrich Churchyard release) and Graciously from his second solo album.

Here he is

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Family Cat 3rd Peel Session 1992

As requested on the posting of the first two Family Cat Peel Sessions at The Perfumed Garden today. Here is the third excellent session featuring stuff from their second and (probably best) album "Furthest From The Sun".

As always the Peel Session versions have an energy lacking in the officially released versions.

EDIT - now re-upped and taken from the MV DAT source (original file was from my off-air tape)

1. Furthest From The Sun
2. Too Many Late Nights
3. River Of Diamonds
4. Prog One


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This Poison

This is another John Peel Session request from the new forum just started by the excellent Perfumed Garden blog, which you can join here

This Poison released a couple of singles on The Wedding Present's Reception label, before disappearing again, only to resurface as a distant memory 17 years later when Egg Records released an excellent anthology of their studio output. There isn't a lot more to say that isn't already said on the Egg Records biog page for the band and I thoroughly recommend you buy a copy of the CD. Cos it's ACE.

The Peel Session doesn't feature on the CD and I remember taping it off the radio a month after George Best came out, purely because "the Wedding Present release their records so they must be good". I wasn't wrong.

This Poison! Peel Session November 1987

Friday, August 01, 2008

Billy Bragg At The BBC

Seeing Billy Bragg play "Between The Wars" on Top Of The Pops was a bit of a life-changing moment for me, and I've been a fan ever since - none more so than during his Worker's Playtime era (which I still consider to be his best/my favourite LP). I recently saw him play a solo gig in Lincoln and it reminded me how awe-inspiring he can be.

There is a great (although now quite rare) CD on Strange Fruit of Billy Bragg's John Peel Sessions recorded through the years, but I found a couple of tapes of non-Peel BBC sessions/interviews from the aforesaid era, which I now offer up to all fellow fans who may not have heard them before. VOILA

November 1988 Nicky Campbell Live Session (FM off-air recording)
1. She's Got A New Spell
2. The Short Answer
3. Ideology
Plus 10 minute interview

Sometime in 1987 Janice Long Session (AM off-air recording)
1. The Only One
plus 5 minute interview

As a special bonus - I've also included the BBC Radio Derby interview done in the queue for the toilets at the 1993 Phoenix Festival. This interview is the one referred to by Billy on-stage later that day, and captured for posterity on the Red Stars Official Bootleg available from the shop. I don't suppose many people heard the actual interview so here it is..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Gig I Ever Done See #5 - Will Oldham Palace Bonnie Prince Bullshit Whatever

Palace Brothers
Nottingham, The Narrowboat 7th June 1994

I somehow missed the very first Palace Brothers gig when they came to Nottingham in 1993 and did all the stuff from the first album, so I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't miss them the next time. Except when the next time came it wasn't a "them" it was a "him".

The second album hadn't been released when he played at The Narrowboat in (early summer) 1994 so I didn't realise it was just Will Oldham and a guitar, and at first felt a little short-changed when I realised that was the format for the gig too. At this point in my life I'd probably never even seen someone play acoustic guitar to so many attentive people in such a small room, but it was dictionary-definition spine-tingling (this was way before anti-folk and made this sort of thing commonplace.)

Will sat down and my first thoughts were "jesus he's ugly". Sadly he hasn't improved with age either..

Next he introduced a song with the words - this is called "I am a cinematographer" and when, at first, the lyrics seemed to be that phrase repeated over and over, there were people around me stifling giggles like they'd just turned up to a concert at the special school.

The evening progressed and the audience settled in as Will did a few tracks from the first album, then the giggles started again when he introduced "a song by Prince" - of course he was joking we thought...but no it was a gorgeous sparse rendition of "The Cross" from Sign O' The Times, which sat perfectly within the context of the religious imagery in Will's other songs. Was he joking? Part of me wonders if everything Will Oldham does is a joke I just don't get. That beard even?

When I got home the first thing I did was get my flatmate to play the Prince version (as I didn't own any Prince records - I was still scarred from my mate refusing to lend me the Purple Rain soundtrack when we were at school so I could offend my parents with the track about the girl wanking herself off with a copy of Cosmo). Anyway - I listened to it a lot for the next few weeks and it's still a big favourite.

So here is NOT the Prince version but the 2nd Palace Brothers Peel Session recorded on this visit to the UK, including aforesaid reading of "The Cross"

Will Oldham Peel Session 29 July 1994

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sundays Peel Session

As requested on the John Peel Yahoogroups mailing list - The Sundays Peel Session from March 1989...back when they were the next big thing. Ripped this from my old cassette copy this afternoon - the sound is pretty good for a nearly 20 year old tape.

The Sundays - Peel Session 06 March 1989


Saturday, May 03, 2008


An obscure band from Liverpool, Barbel released one mini-album and a 12" single, recorded two excellent Peel Sessions and then disappeared.

I reckon it was about 19 years ago that I first heard this song (on John Peel of course) and it still sounds as good today as it did back then. The first track on their mini-album "One Horse Planet" on Pink Moon Records which I bought in Crash Records (Merrion Centre Branch) in Leeds and promptly fell in love with.

"House By The Airport" is a kitchen-sink love story that just gets sadder and sadder, but the tune is relentlessly up beat and has some great lines - "he had a foot in every pie and a finger in every door". I love everything about this song from the great one-finger organ line to the bum notes they weren't afraid to edit out.

Aside from my gushing admiration I must admit that part of the reason for blogging this is because there is virtually no information on the web about them (or maybe there is if you're prepared to wade through page after page of Anglers Weekly content?) and I reckon they deserve to be saved from aforesaid obscurity. They remain to this day one of my favourite bands.

According to Ken Garner's "The Peel Sessions" book, the line up of Greg Milton, Alison Williams, Roger Sinek and David Morgan was augmented on their second session by Simon Breed (who I assume to be the same Simon Breed from..erm.. Breed who did 4 Peel Sessions of their own). I also know that Greg Milton went on to be in a band called Dead Cowboys with members of Benny Profane releasing two albums (the last being in 2004).

I recently pestered Andy at Pink Moon records about re-releasing the One Horse Planet album on CD as quite frankly my vinyl copy is knackered (as you can hear on the vinyl rip below) and got a nice reply that was more of a "maybe" than a "piss off you have to be joking" so we live in hope.

Oh and they did a cracking version of "Winchester Cathedral" on one of those Imaginary Records 60's covers compilations - but I'll save that for another time.

Barbel - House By The Airport

"he became mesmerised by the sadness of life, incapable of action....too bad"

Monday, March 10, 2008

New York, New York

A quick blog for my chum Steve at Domino Rally who is off to New York soon, making me insanely jealous in the process. As a coping mechanism I decided I could do worse than posting a couple of my favourite New York Songs..

Lloyd Cole - New York City Sunshine

One from his last album and probably up there with the best of anything he's written post Commotions. There are a couple of obligatory Cole-isms, cheesy lines about junkies and being "turned on" but the sentiment is pure - if you're in love and in New York you really don't mind the fact it is freezing cold and you can no longer feel your face

Craig Armstrong - Wake Up In New York

I was going to use the word cinematic but that applies to almost everything Craig Armstrong does. This one though is made all the more special by Evan Dando, the man who could sing the theme tune to Postman Pat and make it sound achingly cool. And when Evan sings about meeting you at the drugstore you can imagine he's there to pick up his methadone script standing in line behind Lloyd Cole who is buying Preparation H.

I'm off to Lisbon myself at Easter and I was slightly surprised to not find a single song about Lisbon in 160gb of mp3's on my hard drive...are there any out there or is Lisbon just not worthy of a song? The closest I got was Portugal by The Fall, but that's not even a good Fall song.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Better Beatles - The Mercy Beat

I mentioned back in May last year that I'd been contacted by the original singer from Omaha's the Better Beatles to say that they were hoping to release the whole of the bands work on record, and it was with much excitement that I took delivery this morning of "The Mercy Beat" on Hook Or Crook Records of Oakland Ca.

Only released on 12" vinyl it can be ordered online from here for only $10 and you can pay with Paypal - the shipping to the UK was $14 but definitely worth it!

They've made a great job of remastering the 10 tracks, and everyone of them is superb, particularly Eleanor Rigby (given a jaunty nursery rhyme feel) and With A Little Help From My Friends (which they give a, really quite deserved, drawn out and painful death to).

I was surprised and flattered to receive a thanks on the back of the sleeve too - something I really wasn't expecting, and having given it a few listens this morning I know this is a piece of vinyl I will treasure.

I was in two minds about whether to upload another track (the two original tracks are still available on the earlier post) as I think my time would be better spent trying to lobby parliament to pass a law making purchase of this record mandatory.

Failing that - a happy compromise - here is the shortest track on the album, now yougobuy.

Better Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love