Monday, October 01, 2012

Ted Chippington - To Fenton 1 Mile

It's been a long while since I featured Ted Chippington on the blog but those original posts still get plenty of hits, and it's worth mentioning that Ted has a new 10" vinyl record out (in the shops - if there are any left?)

To celebrate, I won't post any tracks but I will say that it has plenty of stuff on the record that isn't listed on the sleeve, so tuck in.

BUY Ted Chippington - Blues Fan 10"

Instead enjoy these scans of the legendary Ted fanzine that (I think) came with early copies of the Man In A Suitcase album. My copy is missing the back page for some reason

And as if that wasn't enough, here's a vintage bootleg of Ted at his best in front of a big crowd at Rock City in 1986 (supporting Fuzzbox on the Vindaloo tour)

Ted Chippington Live at Rock City 1986 - download