Saturday, January 19, 2008

Better Beatles - The Mercy Beat

I mentioned back in May last year that I'd been contacted by the original singer from Omaha's the Better Beatles to say that they were hoping to release the whole of the bands work on record, and it was with much excitement that I took delivery this morning of "The Mercy Beat" on Hook Or Crook Records of Oakland Ca.

Only released on 12" vinyl it can be ordered online from here for only $10 and you can pay with Paypal - the shipping to the UK was $14 but definitely worth it!

They've made a great job of remastering the 10 tracks, and everyone of them is superb, particularly Eleanor Rigby (given a jaunty nursery rhyme feel) and With A Little Help From My Friends (which they give a, really quite deserved, drawn out and painful death to).

I was surprised and flattered to receive a thanks on the back of the sleeve too - something I really wasn't expecting, and having given it a few listens this morning I know this is a piece of vinyl I will treasure.

I was in two minds about whether to upload another track (the two original tracks are still available on the earlier post) as I think my time would be better spent trying to lobby parliament to pass a law making purchase of this record mandatory.

Failing that - a happy compromise - here is the shortest track on the album, now yougobuy.

Better Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love