Monday, March 10, 2008

New York, New York

A quick blog for my chum Steve at Domino Rally who is off to New York soon, making me insanely jealous in the process. As a coping mechanism I decided I could do worse than posting a couple of my favourite New York Songs..

Lloyd Cole - New York City Sunshine

One from his last album and probably up there with the best of anything he's written post Commotions. There are a couple of obligatory Cole-isms, cheesy lines about junkies and being "turned on" but the sentiment is pure - if you're in love and in New York you really don't mind the fact it is freezing cold and you can no longer feel your face

Craig Armstrong - Wake Up In New York

I was going to use the word cinematic but that applies to almost everything Craig Armstrong does. This one though is made all the more special by Evan Dando, the man who could sing the theme tune to Postman Pat and make it sound achingly cool. And when Evan sings about meeting you at the drugstore you can imagine he's there to pick up his methadone script standing in line behind Lloyd Cole who is buying Preparation H.

I'm off to Lisbon myself at Easter and I was slightly surprised to not find a single song about Lisbon in 160gb of mp3's on my hard drive...are there any out there or is Lisbon just not worthy of a song? The closest I got was Portugal by The Fall, but that's not even a good Fall song.