Friday, August 26, 2011

Cranes Peel Session 1990

A quick response to a request via the Peel Group. Here we have the 2nd Peel Session from Cranes. I always thought of them as a sort of demonic Cocteau Twins.

Bought their mini album after hearing their 1st Peel Session back at University in 1989, but never really followed them much further than that. Saw them live at the Duchess Of York and the singer spent the whole gig looking like she was about to burst into tears. Maybe she was?

1. Give
2. Da Da 133 (I Dreamed)
3. Inescapable

The quality on this is perfect as it was sourced from a pre-broadcast DAT (so no FM compression). Thanks to the original provider of the tracks - you know who you are.

Cranes - Peel Session 1990

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Avians Alight

I keep getting so close to posting, I have lots of new stuff to rant about (not least the new Pete Astor album and my continuing experiments down at the obscure end of Mojo's classic album list) but this afternoon I stumbled on an album by Avians Alight which has tipped me into mode.

A few years back we travelled to London to see Damien Jurado play at the Luminaire and he had a great cello player in his band called Jenna. Truth be told, both the wife and I were a little taken by her and disappointed when she disappeared from the Jurado line-up at subsequent gigs.

I remember seeing that she was working on her own stuff under the name Trouble Town but then heard nothing more. By chance today I saw a tweet about Avians Alight and it turned out to be the same project renamed.

This is my first attempt at a Bandcamp embed rather than a direct download, but hopefully it will work and someone might buy the album. This track is just beyond gorgeous..

Check the whole album here.

Avians Alight

The only downside is that apart from the Bandcamp page, there seems to be virtually nothing else online, no gigs, no reviews, no interviews, no pictures, no nothing. Why??? This world is all wrong.