Sunday, August 16, 2009

Head! - Tiger, Tiger

This is a song I've known since the 1995 version by Paul Quinn & The Nectarine No. 9 but I didn't even know who the original was performed by until recently.

Head! were one of those late 80's bands that passed me by completely. A non-descript name, not championed by Peel, not even an *Evening Session* band..but weirdly they were signed to Virgin so the one place you DID see their records was in the racks. Unsold at a guess.

The sleeve was certainly very familiar to me, and even now I picked up a copy of their "Tales Of Ordinary Madness" for a couple of quid from GEMM - specifically to hear the original version. The rest of the album is in a similar vein with a couple of the songs verging on the plain daft, but this is definitely the best track by a long way.

Head! - Tiger, Tiger

The Paul Quinn & The Nectarine No. 9 version can be heard over at The Vinyl Villain


John said...

Enjoying your blog very much and thanks for the Tiger, Tiger mp3...I didn't know it was a Head cover until just recently, either. You forgot to mention it was a Gareth Sager band in your post though!

Unknown said...

i had no idea either of the history of the song until now....