Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kit - Peel Session 28 November 1989

To celebrate John Peel Day I thought I'd post another obscure Peel Session (again direct from the source DAT not off-air recording).

This one came from Liverpool band Kit, who only released a handful of records at the back-end of the 80's. They made a sort of indie-skiffle sound and the singer perfected her wobbly-larynx vocal style long before that pant-wetter from Bright Eyes did it.

There doesn't seem to be much out there on the web but here's a couple more links:



Peel Session November 28th 1989

Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Mike Robinson
Studio - Maida Vale 5


1. How To Break This
2. Up On A Wire
3. Cheatin' My Heart
4. What If I Fell


Lin Sangster (Guitar, Vocals)
Michelle Brown (Bass)
Tony Smith (Drums)
Kenny Manson (Guitar)
Phil Luckin (Trumpet)

Download Peel Session

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Rol said...

Congrats, I think that's the most obscure band I've seen featured today. Not bad though!