Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kitchens Of Distinction - Peel Session 23rd August 1992

Oh go on - while I'm at it. If anyone thinks I am working through these DAT-sourced Peel Sessions in alphabetical order then you might be right (for today at least)

I first heard Kitchens Of Distinction in 1989 when Peel played their debut single "Prize". I immediately went out and bought it and then got progressively less interested in them, but listening to their back catalog a few weeks ago I was reminded that actually, they were a great band. Maybe that loss of interest was more down to me going away to Poly and finding myself drowning in a sea of excellent music and gigs almost every night. I never saw Kitchens Of Distinction though - did they tour much? Who knows.

Also a mystery is why it took three years for them to get their first Peel Session. We may never know, but here it is..

Peel Session August 23rd 1992

Producer - Mike Engles
Engineer - Dave Mccarthy
Studio - Maida Vale 3


1. Four Men
2. Mad As Snow
3. When In Heaven
4. Blue Pedal


Patrick Fitzgerald (Bass, Vocals)
Julian Swales (Guitar, Harmonica)
Dan Goodwin (Drums)

Download Peel Session

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