Thursday, September 09, 2010


Yet another darkly brooding guitar band with a deep-voiced front man. Is this getting boring yet?

Breed were constantly raved about by John Peel and they recorded more sessions than most for his program, yet they never seemed to be quite as successful as they could have been - or indeed SHOULD have been.

Their second album "Violent Sentimental" is amazing and I recently traded in my tattered vinyl copy for a CD issue (I didn't even know it had been released on CD) via the magic of ebay

The singer Simon still seems to be doing stuff and one of the others (probably Ken..) was later in Placebo.

I also just noticed that I already plugged them once in an earlier post about Barbel but I have no memory of ever being aware that he was in Barbel - what is happening to me? Was he in Barbel? Who knows (or indeed cares)

Listen and enjoy this beauty..

Breed - Faithless, Broke and Powerless

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Liz said...

Thanks for posting 'Faithless, Broke and Poweless'. I've had it in my head for weeks but unable to play it as my vinyl is in storage.
Might try to find it on cd now you've mentioned it :)
Thanks again!