Monday, September 06, 2010

James Taylor Quartet

The James Taylor Quartet started out doing covers of 1960's film themes, and their second album "The Money Spyder" was the soundtrack to an imaginary film ('s up there with Kiss "Music From The Elder").

Later on they went a bit acid jazz, which I wasn't so keen on, but by all accounts they are still going and have reverted back to their original style. I should check out the new stuff and stop living in the past shouldn't I?

I also have a distant memory (circa 1989) of frugging my socks off at a club in Bradford called "Dig That Hammond!" that played this sort of stuff all night. It was down some steps and in a very sweaty basement. No further details exist at this point in time, but if you can't tap your toes to this tune then you don't deserve toes.

James Taylor Quartet - One Way Street

This also reminds me that I need to blog something by The Prisoners at some point soon..

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