Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I saw Dub Sex play a few times back in the day and they were always excellent and very intense. The singer was probably the first person I saw wearing jogging bottoms on stage.

"Swerve" was arguably their finest hour (although the follow-up "Time Of Life" is also really good) and to this day I still can't work out what he's singing at the start (please add your guess in the comments)

I only became aware of their second incarnation as Dumb some years after the fact, and they have an annoyingly un-Google-able name, so
most of what I know comes from this Myspace.

I've managed to track down a couple of 7" singles and one album but I'm still missing the "Thirsty" album.

They didn't stray too far from the original Dub Sex vibe but this single was particularly upbeat and should have been much more widely heard I reckon.

This one is also dedicated to everyones favourite scouser Wayne Rooney. He seems such an intelligent lad as well..

Dumb - Always Liverpool


Unknown said...

Swerve is a great record.....but I had no idea about all the rest of the stuff you've written about.

Ali Want said...

Latter-day Dub Sex took a swerve (do you see what I did there?) into Chris and Julia Nagle's What? Noise before becoming Dumb. You can download the Mark Hoyle-fronted What? Noise stuff, which wasn't issued until well after they became Dumb from Invisible Girl Records. It's all good.