Saturday, September 04, 2010

Peel Session Week #6: The Shamen - 12th April 1988

In retrospect The Shamen are possibly the unhippest thing I could post. Images of Mr C bobbing around off his tits on e's and whizz come to mind, but back in 1988 (ie pre-ecstasy culture) I thought they were a great band.

This session includes my favourite single "Knature Of A Girl" which was typical of the industrial psychedelic pop they peddled in the early days.

"War Prayer" and "Misinformation" are two sample-heavy tracks that featured on the album "In Gorbachev We Trust" - the record which heavily sign-posted their imminent change of direction

The 3rd track "Nothing" is otherwise unreleased as far as I can tell

The Shamen - Peel Session 12th April 1988

01 Knature Of A Girl
02 War Prayer
03 Nothing
04 Misinformation

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Realisten said...

Great classic, but do you got this recording of them from Peel in 1986?