Friday, September 10, 2010


Another one of those records that dates back to the Music Avalanche - I don't actually remember why I bought the Zumpano album "Look What The Rookie Did", as I'm pretty sure I'd not heard them. So a blind (or should that be deaf?) purchase with only the Sup Pop label as any promise of quality, meaning I was expecting something heavy and thus disappointed.

It quickly grew on me though, a sort of baroque pop album not a million miles from Ben Folds. This record has some serious bounce. They did one more album and then split up.

I didn't realise until recently that the singer was AC Newman from The New Pornographers, but I maintain that this album is better than any of those from the Pitchfork Pant-Wetter's favourites.

Zumpano - I Dig You
Zumpano - Rosecrans Boulevard


Anonymous said...

I'm with you for Zumpano better than New Pornographers.
Thanks for the souvenirs.


DigMeOut said...

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