Sunday, September 05, 2010

Peel Session Week #7: - Ivor Cutler 15th June 1987

Hard to belive it's well over 4 years since Ivor Cutler passed away

This session was the first time I ever heard him and after the initial confusion I quickly came to realise I was listening to a genius.

All of the stories told in this session are superb and featured in the book Fremsley but it's Cutler's delivery that really makes them come alive. I remember my sister coming into my room wondering why on earth I had an ageing Scottish man with me. It didn't take long before she was hooked too.

Ivor Cutler - Peel Session 15th June 1987

01 The Shapely Balloon
02 The Clever Night Doctor
03 The Aggressive Onion-Vendor
04 Me And My Kid Brother
05 The Perambulating Scottish Collander
06 A Wag At The Flicks

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