Saturday, August 21, 2010

Al Green

So today is my 2nd wedding anniversary and therefore I'm in a romantic mood and feeling very lucky with the way life has panned out.

For a while back there I had myself convinced that I would die alone and that it wasn't going to be anywhere near as cool as Morrissey had promised me when I was 16.

So hooray for me. This post is dedicated to the missus. She has many fantastic and lovely attributes but by far the most important one is that she seems capable of putting up with me. Long may she continue..

We both love a bit of Al Green and our eyes sometimes get a little damp when Let's Stay Together comes on, but that's a bit too obvious to post here. Instead we have three of, what I consider to be, his finest love songs.

First up is L.O.V.E (Love) - a cover of which was the A-side of the first Orange Juice single that I bought, and I didn't hear the original until quite a few years later.
Apparently Al Green was a big fan of the Orange Juice version!

Al Green - L-O-V-E (Love)

Next we have Simply Beautiful - quite possibly one of the most heartfelt vocal deliveries ever. The way he holds it back, like his heart is a balloon full of love and he's letting the air out as slowly as possible..just so he can savour every moment. Stunning.

Al Green - Simply Beautiful

And finally - because I'm incapable of an honest declaration of love without shoe-horning football into the equation, this is a love song to the other great love of my life. Here's to a better season this time around..

Al Green - I'm A Ram


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