Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday I promised something a bit less tame so here it is.

Warfare  were a punk metal band from Newcastle that I must have first heard on Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show in the early 1980's (did I previously explain my pre-teen flirtation with all things ROCK?).

Frankie Goes To Hollywood were Top Of The Pops and dominated playground conversations with the cool kids, so I instantly took delight in hearing Warfare destroy a Frankie song in such an uncompromising manner. In fact I think I can trace my love affair with cover versions in general back to this one record. I played this very loudly out of my bedroom window for as long as my parents would tolerate. I suggest you do the same.

Warfare - Two Tribes (Metal Noise Mix)

Note that this isn't a remix - the (Metal Noise Mix) tag is probably just a joke aimed at the various different remixes of Two Tribes that Frankie were endlessly churning out at the time.

The b-sides (both originals) were also great hunking slabs of Motorhead-esque metal, as was the first album, but I was surprised to see when I looked them up recently that a Best Of CD  came out a few years back Metal Anarchy which didn't include this cover version for some inexplicable reason, despite it being their most widely-known single. Oh and they had a singing drummer.

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