Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peel Session Week #2: The Hepburns - 17th April 1989

Another session that I taped without knowing anything about the band, but The Hepburns had a good name (not to be confused with the later all-girl pop-rock monstrosity Hepburn) so I took a punt.

Excellent it was too, but their records seemed devlishly hard to find - in fact I don’t think any of these session tracks were ever officially released apart from "Where You Belong" which turned up on a fanzine flexi.

The band hold a special place in my heart because on my first day at University in Leeds I discovered Jumbo Records and was astounded to find one their records ("Electrified 12") which I snapped up and took back to my room. I listened to it non-stop and even now I can smell Jasmine joss sticks when I hear those songs. Aaah! Isn't it amazing the things a simple piece of music can do?

The band seemed to have been rejuvenated at the turn of the century and have released quite a lot of stuff since then - check it all out here

The Hepburns - Peel Session 17th April 1989

01 Believe Me
02 Tonight The World Of Entertainment
03 Where You Belong
04 You Must Have Had It All

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