Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Edward Barton

Edward Barton scares me. Pictures of him scare me, his voice scares me and his songs scare me.

Even his Wikipedia Biography scares me a little bit.

Yet scary as I find him, there is something oddly compelling about his songs. This is one of his more instructional numbers, as he teaches you how to be a successful musician. Simon Cowell (who scares me only marginally less) should be taking notes.

Edward Barton - Listen To Edward

If you like that then check out the videos if you're feeling brave (including his bizarre appearance on Wogan as a member of Tears For Fears..)

He apparently has released a new CD recently called And A Panda but I'm not sure if I dare listen to it. Someone tell me if it's any good.

As a bonus - and because I've not mentioned anything Ted Chippington-related for a long while, here is Ted's only marginally unnerving cover version of Barton's "Z-Bend"

Ted Chippington - Z-Bend

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