Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cygnet Ring

I absolutely loved this song by The Cygnet Ring when it came out and fully expected it to be a huge hit. The label were flogging copies cheap in the major chain record stores and it was getting plenty of radio play, but the chart smash I predicted never materialised. I was actively mocked by at least one friend for thinking this was a great pop song but I still stand by it today. The single version at least..

Going back to my earlier post about my penchant for 12" remixes, there was a textbook example of an extended remix gone bad for this single.

The Cygnet Ring - Love Crime [12'' Extended Mix]

It seems like they ripped the heart out of the song and replaced it with a hip and trendy baggy beat. It's not that bad (you'd have to be going some to ruin a tune like this) but it just seemed a bit half-arsed. According to the credits this was the early work of Guy Fixsen who worked with almost every shoe-gazing band of note and went on to be part of the excellent Laika so can be forgiven for this remix folly.

NB - yes I know I've labelled this post as 80's 12" Mixes and this came out in the early 90's but it's all the same to me.

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Stopwatch Hospitality said...

Great song.
One of the mysteries and perhaps injustices of pop, that this never charted highly and launched a career for a clearly talented bunch.
I used to go out with a girl who shared a flat with Rus Harrison (lead singer) and we chatted and saw a few gigs. Live or studio - still one of my favourite bands.
Paul Clark