Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Perfect Disaster

The Perfect Disaster are one of those bands that seemed better known for their position in the great rock family tree than for their recorded output.

Singer Phil Parfitt went on to work with Jason Pierce from Spiritualized whilst bassist Josephine Wiggs joined The Breeders. So generally you would find their singles (usually cheap) at Record Fairs in the "Spacemen 3 and Related" or the "Pixies and Related" sections.

They were a strange band who seemed to operate in two song modes - out-and-out garage rockers and brooding ballads. As a listener I never really got on with the former but I've always been sucker for a deep voice singing a slow song and so I had a good compilation tape of the ones I liked and didn't bother with the fast ones. It was a REALLY good tape.

The three songs provided here represent this quiet side of the band perfectly and are all ripped from vinyl so excuse the crackles.

The Perfect Disaster - TV (Girl On Fire)
The Perfect Disaster - Elusive Dream
The Perfect Disaster - F Song

Oddly a cover version of TV (Girl On Fire) appeared as a bonus track on the reissue of Spacemen 3's "Playing With Fire" as just plain "Girl On Fire" and seems to be mainly Josephine Wiggs playing the cello riff over and over. Very strange.

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