Monday, August 30, 2010

Peel Session Week #1: Benny Profane - 6th June 1988

Benny Profane were a band that I saw play many times in the late eighties/early nineties and they never failed to impress. I remember one particularly strange gig seeing them support Echo & The Bunnymen (the debut gig of the Mac-less Echoes Of The Bunnymen line-up) in Bootle, surrounded by a who's who of the Liverpool music scene. I thought Benny Profane stole the show that night as they played a storming set with the air of a band who knew they had nothing to lose

This Peel Session came just after I first saw the video for their single "Rob A Bank" on the late night ITV indie music program (the name of which escapes me but was consistently excellent). The single was scheduled to come out on Ediesta Records but disappeared, along with so many other releases when the Red Rhino distribution network collapsed.

The band then released two albums in quick succession (both featured new versions of two tracks each from this session) and boom..split up.

I love all four songs on this session but Dave Jackson's lyrics on track 4 slay me every time..a true unsung indie hero

When he grabbed the microphone
He knocked his front teeth right out
And that was the last time
He sang without dentures

Benny Profane - Peel Session 6th April 1988

01 Beam Me Up
02 Everything
03 Rob A Bank
04 Quickdraw McGraw Meets Dead-Eye Dick

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