Thursday, August 26, 2010

Duglas T. Stewart

I was only ever a casual fan of BMX Bandits, but when a friend played me singer, Duglas Stewart's solo album "Frankenstein" in 1997 it struck a chord that endeared it to me forever.

Although it's largely made up of cover versions, the concept of the album is based around the break-up with the mother of his child and the conflicts, self-doubt and general feelings of worthlessness that single fathers can feel. Like I say, it struck a chord.

Opening with a cover of Benmont Tench's "Unbreakable Heart" (one of the saddest songs ever - and one I might blog at a later date. Maybe when I get round to Country & Western Week), the emotional tone is set from the out.

But it's Duglas' own song "Stupid" that really forms the centrepiece of the album. I guess it has a similar kind of feel to Sinatra's "I Would Be In Love Anyway" as mentioned in my Watertown blog entry. That feeling that no matter how wrong things have gone, there is still a part of you that would do it all again - just to have the good times. How can you regret any relationship that bears a child without letting down that child?

Duglas Stewart - Stupid

The wikipedia page for Duglas currently says that he lives in Glasgow with his daughter, so I hope that means it all worked out for him.

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